I’m Krista, the author of this blog. Here is a little info about me, and how I came to create the Mama Sloth Blog.

I am a pretty simple person. I love my family, friends, and the outdoors. While I wouldn’t call myself an artist (not sure I have that level of talent), I love to craft, sew, paint, and create. I’m fairly frugal. I believe in reusing and recycling, and I’m a huge do-it-yourself fan. I live within my means and try not to accumulate the unnecessary. My top priorities in life are family, friends, health, and fitness. It isn’t unusual for me to choose going for a family hike or bike ride over running errands, cooking a healthy-ingredient dinner instead of going out, or taking my daughter camping rather than staying home to catch up on chores. Yes, my house is often messy, but it’s definitely worth it.

I’m almost always up for a good adventure. Recently, I have embarked on the most challenging, awesome, exciting, scary, rewarding, and amazing adventure to date – motherhood. I have fallen totally in love with being a mom. What a powerful journey! Along the way, I have had A TON of questions, and I imagine the future will only bring more. Like all other moms, I want to promote healthy development and create positive experiences for my baby girl.

I created this blog in an effort to record some of my experiences, share what I have learned, communicate with other moms, and build a resource of ideas and inspiration for other parents or caregivers. Why Mama Sloth? The Mama part is obvious. The Sloth part is my daily reminder to slow down and take life one day or one moment at a time. It is easy to get wrapped up in the hustle bustle of life. Time can fly by without giving much notice to the present. By moving at a sloth pace, I hope to take in more of those oh-so-important daily little things that are commonly overlooked.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my content or experiences, or if you want to share your own experiences. I would love to hear and learn from you!